CSGO Wallhack

csgo wallhacks

What is a CSGO wallhack?

CSGO wallhack is a type of cheat that allows the user to see enemy opponents through walls. This gives the user a huge advantage as they know their enemies exact location before they appear on screen. Wallhacks are also sometimes know as ESP or walls.

Download free wall hacks

If you want to download free wall hacks for CSGO head to our free CSGO cheats page and choose a cheat. All of the free cheats listed on Iniquus feature wall hacks. Free wall hacks are not the best you can find, however, it will allow the user to experience free ESP before upgrading to a paid ESP.

The best CSGO wallhack

The best CSGO ESP are rich with customization. For example, you can choose between Box ESP, Glow ESP, Chams ESP to name the popular types. You can also use wallhacks for dropped weapons and items as well as the bomb. Iniquus has a wide selection of the best ESP cheats on the paid CSGO cheats page.

Can I be banned for using wallhacks?

Yes, all types of cheats in CSGO are risky because of the overwatch system. The overwatch system monitors reports to flag cheaters whose gameplay is then specatated by real humans. If your gameplay is suspicious enough you can be banned even if the cheat itself was undetected. For this reason you should be extremely careful cheating in CSGO and use an account that is not important to you.

Popular types of CSGO ESP explained

  • Glow ESP – Places a glow effect around players.
  • Box ESP Places a box around players.
  • Chams – Changes the color of the playermodel to different colors.
  • Name ESP – Show the name of the player
  • Health ESP – Show the health of the player
  • Weapon ESP – Show dropped weapons on the ground
  • Bomb ESP – Show the bomb location.