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    Welcome to Iniquus, where we make gaming unfair! Here at Iniquus, you will find the undetected, free, and best CSGO cheats in 2020. We have established an unfair advantage since mid 2020 and have been beating the competition at an unfair rate ever since! We understood that 2020 is a great year to get into CSGO cheating but everyone offered paid CSGO hacks. That is why at Iniquus, we first started off providing only our free CSGO cheat and still have it today! We have always been close to our community to get a sense of what people want and we continue to satisfy our customers with updated cheats! We have experienced coders working with us that make our CSGO cheats that we offer, the best anywhere online! Don’t believe us? Sign up and read some reviews by our customers!

    Cheat Security

    We realize that hacking in CSGO can be a risk. That is why we make sure to have updated security on everything we provide to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience. We want users to stay undetected from VAC, Overwatch, and even the new, updated system, VACnet. New features are developed consistently to make sure we stay ahead of VAC and keep our users safe and undetected in 2020! As time goes on, especially now in 2020, CSGO hacks are getting worse with quality and security, resulting in unnecessary bans. Iniquus will always prevail in being a undetected CSGO hack provider. We will remain this way for the remainder of 2020!

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    Getting started is very simple! After signing up, feel free to browse the site at your own pace. After you’ve felt that you learned enough about Iniquus and what we are about, head on over to the Cheat Download page where you will find all the instructions needed to get off to cheating your way through the competitive ranks of CSGO. Our staff members are always available and will assist you if needed during the cheat download process! Our staff team is dedicated to making our community and our CSGO hacks the best out there. We are proud to be apart such a great movement in 2020 and will continue and strive to be the best CSGO cheat provider in 2020!

    Free CSGO Cheats

    Here at Iniquus, we understand that it is not always cheap to test CSGO cheats and find one you like. That is why we have made a free CSGO Cheat for everyone to use. Unlike other websites that offer paid CSGO cheats, we offer the best free CSGO cheats. You will easily be able to take on opponents in the matchmaking and start getting the rank you deserve!

    Simple CSGO Hacks

    While we do offer free CSGO hacks, we also wanted to make sure that the CSGO hack was simple. That is why we have made just a simple CSGO hack that offers few features. With these simple features you’ll be able to play looking legit and better than ever!

    CSGO Wallhack

    In 2020, it is extremely important to have visual features to improve your skill in CSGO. That is why we’ve provided a very simple CSGO wallhack that is easy on the eyes. The CSGO wallhack, more specifically, is a glow esp. With the glow ESP, there is a nice glow around enemy players easily indicating where they are located!