Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before you contact Iniquus.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Shop?

We accept bitcoin and all major cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards and Paypal. You may use Paysafecards depending which country you buy the card. Please contact a live chat agent for more information.

Do you provide cheats for other games?

Right now we only provide cheats for CS2. If you want a cheat for other games, please contact a live chat agent.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery usually takes 2 minutes or less, but this process will happen instantly in the near future.

Can I get VAC banned?

We cannot guarantee no VAC bans, this is due to the way the CS2 anticheat works and due to other players reporting you for obvious cheating. While we do everything we can to keep you unbanned, you should avoid being reported.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds at this time. Any technical issue on our side that prevents your cheat usage would warrant a refund. Please be sure you want to buy our services before making any payments.

Can I cheat on my main account?

If you want to take a risk and cheat on your main account that is your decision. We do everything we can to keep you unbanned but most cheaters get banned eventually. We recommend you cheat on a smurf account or any account that is not important to you.

What happens if I get banned?

In CS2, a ban means your account is gone, this means you can no longer play multiplayer. Your inventory items cannot be used or traded.

We recommend you cheat on an account that has a $0 inventory. Make a new CS2 account if you receive a ban. Don’t use
the same prime phone number and don’t use the same debit or credit card in the steam store.

Live Chat

Contact an Iniquus staff member via the livechat button below.

Please note, the live chat is only available while staff are online. If there is no chat widget visible after 10 seconds, please try again later.