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Iniquus provides the most popular, external, free CS2 cheats that are available in 2024. Staying undetected from VAC is important to you, and important to us. We have measures in place to keep our hack undetected and we push regular updates to the hacks. In the event that a ban wave occurs, we would take the cheat offline until it can be declared safe.

Popular Free CS2 Cheats

Free Counter-Strike 2 cheats are perfect for users who want to experience cheating without paying for premium hacks. At Iniquus you can choose between a selection of free hacks for CS2. Our cheats are packed full of features including Wallhacks (ESP), Aimbot and Triggerbot. Head to the download link to download free cheats for CS 2.

Download Free CS2 Hacks

Iniquus provides a free download for all the most popular CS2 hacks. Our users can download the hacks within minutes and be cheating in CS:2 very fast. If it’s your first time downloading cheats for CS2, we recommend to use a smurf account until you are comfortable.





Windows 10 / 11




While all cheats here are undetected, you should take care not to be reported by other players because if you obtain too many reports you can receive an overwatch ban.

Best Free CS2 Cheats In 2024

insanity cheats

Insanity Cheats

Features –

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Status –

Aimbot, Wallhacks and Skin Changer





Download Free CS2 Cheats

Unleash Your Gaming Skills with Free CS2 Aimbot

Explore the competitive edge in CS2 with our powerful, Free CS2 Aimbot. Designed to improve accuracy and precision, this essential tool transforms your gameplay in Counter-Strike 2. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned players, our aimbot is user-friendly and remains undetected, ensuring a significant enhancement in your shooting abilities without the risk of detection.

Experience Superior Gameplay with Free CS2 Wallhacks

Transform your strategic play in Counter-Strike 2 with our advanced Free CS2 Wallhacks. Gain the ability to see enemies hidden behind walls, providing a significant advantage in every game. These undetectable wallhacks are perfect for players looking to outsmart their opponents and gain the upper hand in CS2’s competitive matches.

Why Choose Our Free CS2 Aimbot?

Our Free CS2 Aimbot stands out for its precision targeting and smooth aiming experience, making it an indispensable tool for players in Counter-Strike 2. Whether you’re facing close combat or sniping from a distance, our aimbot offers the perfect balance of accuracy and stealth, enhancing your gameplay while keeping your account safe from bans.

Maximize Your Strategy with Free CS2 Wallhacks

Our Free CS2 Wallhacks are more than just a cheat; they’re a strategic tool that offers real-time enemy location updates, ensuring you’re always prepared for what’s around the corner. Ideal for both aggressive and defensive playstyles, these wallhacks can be the difference between victory and defeat in CS2’s fast-paced matches.

Dominate CS2 Matches with Top Free Cheats

Our collection of Free Counter-Strike 2 Cheats is unrivaled, offering everything from advanced aimbots to stealthy wallhacks and more. These cheats are designed to seamlessly integrate with your CS2 gameplay, providing an enhanced, yet fair, gaming experience. Join the ranks of elite CS2 players who’ve transformed their gameplay with our top-tier cheats.