CSGO Aimbot – Legit Bot and Rage Bot

csgo aimbot

Aimbots for CSGO

An Aimbot for CSGO is a cheat that automatically targets enemies heads instantly. This cheat gives the user a huge advantage over opponents. This is because the best aimbots can kill enemies quicker than a human can.

Iniquus provides both paid and free aimbot for CSGO. To download a free aim hack, head to the free cs2 cheats page and choose a an aimbot cheat. However, to buy the best aimbot with lots of customization, please head to the paid csgo cheats page. All the aimbots listed here have both Rage Aimbot and Legit Aimbot, more about that below.

Legit Aimbot

Legit aimbots for CSGO allow the user all the benefits of an aimbot without raising suspicions of enemy players. The best legit bots are developed to appear legit in the eyes of spectators. For this reason, legit bots are perfect for ranked matchmaking and hiding cheats from friends. Some users have reached as high as Global Elite rank using legit aimbots in CS GO.

Rage Aimbot

A rage aimbot kills enemies as fast as possible, regardless of how blatant this appears to other players. With a ragebot enabled, non cheaters will find it extremely difficult to kill. This is because an aimbot with rage settings are quicker than their human reaction times. If you want to rage in CSGO, check out our rage hacks.